Year of the Launch: 2016 Goals

Reading Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook by Gary Vaynerchuk

Entrepreneurship and business is a grind. Instagram quote accounts tell this fact everyday. The idea that a flip of the calendar sparks transformation seems a little silly to me. Everywhere I see signs pushing motivational hyperbole.

  • 2015 was Practice. 2016 is Game Time.
  • 2016 Will be Your Year.
  • New Year… New You.

Regardless of the date or my cynicism, setting goals is valuable. As a startup founder, I am flooded with ideas, plans, and goals. Goal setting gives an opportunity for perspective and focus. Several studies support writing goals for measurable increase in positive outcome. Research is also available showing the possible negative impact of verbalizing goals with others. In the spirit of transparency, I will share the Red Blue Collective goals for 2015.

Be Interviewed on a Podcast

The Podcast format is experiencing a surge in popularity. The quality of the available content is incredible. I listen to Podcasts every day while commuting. I enjoy hearing interviews from entrepreneurs and insights from thought leaders. This goal is a specific way to create content, distribute message, increase audience, and build credibility.

3 Speaking Engagements at Entrepreneur Groups

Public speaking provides an opportunity to directly present information and get feedback. I want to hear the challenges and questions from fellow entrepreneurs. I am a huge advocate of concept validation through engagement. When I build a new product, I want a customer before launch. With Red Blue Collective, we want an audience of engaged entrepreneurs behind the content we produce.

I have attended startup, inventor, and entrepreneur groups. I organized a meetup around SolidWorks. Every group had a unique language to describe the challenges specific to their goals. Speaking and listening to other people helped me understand their needs and hone my message.

Be Featured with a Customer in National Publication

Having article written about Red Blue Collective and a customer project seems like a reach goal. Getting published is highly obtainable. Creating the best content, services, and tools for hardware entrepreneurs is irrelevant if no one knows we exist. Creating the best hardware product in the world is irrelevant if no one knows the product exists.

You can’t get anywhere flying under the radar.
-Grant Cardone

We must be relevant. We need to learn to craft a story worth sharing.

Create 50 articles with a minimum of 500 words

When blogging was at the forefront of Internet marketing, I would read “content is king”. Entrepreneurs made big money blogging. The power of straight blogging became diluted with social.

Now video, audio, and text compete for attention across innumerable platforms. Content is everything. Content is king, queen, and the court jester. For me, writing 50 technical articles is a challenging goal. I have limited time. Writing content forces me to create a schedule and develop discipline. Writing will become easier with practice. By releasing more content, I will be able to test platforms, topics, schedule, and distribution to help customers with product launches.

Develop and Launch an Information Product

Creating an information product is the main goal for this year. A video series would be ideal but the time and cost of editing is a challenge. We will talk to customers to determine what format is a best fit. I personally dislike webinars but that may be a valuable format for entrepreneurs. All the goals give us feedback to help shape topics and information. We have a number of questions to answer.

  • Is broad information, such as a product development overview, helpful?
  • Is very specific information, such as Design for Manufacturing with CNC Machining, helpful?
  • What are the main challenges in developing and launching a product?

Year of the Launch

These goals will take Red Blue Collective from concept to reality. I will reverse engineer the goal outcomes creating a plan to achieve each. The plan will require consistency and effort. I expect opportunity to follow effort. Follow on social media to track the progress.

How can we help you achieve your 2016 goals?

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