Transparency and Authenticity

Transparency is a meta topic. Transparency is not the tactical of how we interact but the philosophy of our interactions. The Internet puts a buffer or façade between us and the world. The façade allows us to appear as a large, powerful organization. We can create a lofty website. We can push video and content to appear successful. The façade last until interaction with a real customer. The Internet makes distributing nonsense easier than ever. The Internet makes distributing the truth easier than ever. Gary Vaynerchuck talks this effect of authenticity in his books and on his show.

Authenticity is a currency. we are building trust. Being “yourself” is difficult. We all have complex personalities. Traditional public personas are flat and inauthentic. The fear of appearing human is hilarious (to me) in the modern social media context. Politicians are the perfect example of an overly tailored public image. After a moment of interaction, we feel the pitch (unless you are already a diehard customer). The message seems forced, fake, or crazy. Their careers dive into oblivion the moment an action breaches the tight public illusion with the unfortunate messiness of life.

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