Thoughts on Sketching

Reading Awaken the Giant Within

Cad is a deliberate tool. Each feature requires intentionality. Conducting design with CAD produces a calculated result. Sketching is exploratory allowing for mistakes and providence. I get inspiration even (especially) with fast, rough sketches.

Sketching forces definition. Fuzzy ideas gain slightly more internal consistency through exploration. As creative people, ideas can seem clear. As we attempt definition, the blank spots show where we have work.

Sketching is a communication language. I like quick sketches when I am discussing a project with a customer or team member. The visual reference allows for collaboration at a rate difficult with formal CAD tools and sometimes impossible with words. During concept presentations, we may have many sketches showing possible avenues.

The greatest writers are not needed to create clear technical instructions. The greatest artists are not needed to create clear drawings during product development. Social media platforms like Instagram has accounts filled with beautiful marker renderings. They carefully, iteratively draw the design from multiple angles with style and precision. I love these drawings. If a customer paid me, I would be excited to produce these sketches and drawings. For most projects, these illustrations are largely unnecessary.

How can non-artists use, benefit from sketching?

When is sketching not valuable or too much effort?

Where and how is sketching used in the product development process?

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