Thoughts on Customer Stories

“Facts tell; stories sell.” – Bryan Eisenberg

Business thought leadership is filled with bromides. If an engineer is looking for a specific component (a capacitor for example), the facts sell over the story. The specifications are the deciding factor. Even in this most technical of instances, stories still play a role. Sure, the technical product met the technical requirement.

Why choose XYZ company over ABC company?

Stability, longevity, and quality all contribute to an experience. That experience is a story. At scale, that story contributes to a brand. The salesman or distributor uses that story to sell. The business uses examples as social proof. Intentionally or otherwise, every brand tells a story.

When developing a product, the challenge of your customer is the background story. We should uncover this challenge during idea generation. We should be able to define the physical, emotional, and financial impacts.  Describing how the product solves the challenge is another aspect to this evolving story. The higher the emotional (undefined risk) factor … the higher storytelling can factor into building the relationship. Selling with stories becomes streamlined if we design with stories during the development process.

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