Staying Motivated

Reading Awaken the Giant Within

I feel like I need a little Tony Robbins motivation. With the size of his books or the speed he speaks, he only comes in a super-sized buffet portion. Awaken the Giant Within is hefty even in paperback.

In my 20s, I was concerned with entertaining myself. I missed larger opportunities for enjoyment. Once I was in a relationship, all aggressive self-improvement stopped. I still read but the one book every month or so was nothing. The reading, writing, side hustle, exercise, and learning all slowed. It is easy. Things start to work. Your business is profitable. Your health is reasonable. You get complacent and the imperceptible slide into slow oblivion begins.

Creating a new state of hyper growth or hyper productivity is a challenge. We all need focus. We all need to weed out the unnecessary. That hour of TV is a beautiful temptation. Kicking a gym day to tomorrow is so easy. Something great can happen if we build a little bit everyday.

How do you stay motivated?

How do you stay passionate?

How do you let result fuel growth instead of support rest?

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