Snowcation Hyperbole

The snow came giving me a needed “staycation”. I was able to finish Zero to One and read half of The Hardware Startup. The day was constructive. I wrote a significant amount of content for upcoming talks.

I can see why business is confusing. Thought leaders use intentionally provocative statements. Hyperbole is intellectual “click-bait”. Theil really knows how to grab attention. We have to dive into the reading to understand. Often, the next book has contradictory positions. Reconciling the information requires mental gymnastics.

I appreciate the content of The Hardware Startup. The book has several process insights. I feel like the book glosses over the most important details. Coming from a design and manufacturing background, I am biased. I watch videos reviewing product launch challenges from startups. Manufacturing is an often cited difficulty yet most books on hardware product development, such as The Hardware Startup, spend more time discussing other topics. The book gives more pages to outsourcing than requirements capture. The section on prototyping and manufacturing is a sliver. I feel this is a massive advantage to Red Blue Collective. We will be able to contribute to the conversation building on what is already available.

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