No Paradigm Shifts Allowed

Reading The 10X Rule

I hate the term “paradigm shift”. I imagine an out of touch cabal of business characters nodding heads while referencing charts featuring exponential growth. Overuse dilutes the meaning. Big goals do force change. I prefer to observe this as a “mindset shift”. We think about the market, the solution, the situation, and/or the organization from a different philosophical foundation.

You cannot 10X exercise. You cannot change a simple hour routine into a 10-hour routine. Even if 10X effort is possible, the result would be disastrous. You create 10X results from shifting the idea of exercise from a difficult chore to a lifestyle. Nutrition, sleep, and routine all contribute to system producing massive result over time. You create 10X results through optimized progress. Entrepreneurship is similar. Instead of simply making a product for sale, the startup process and grind becomes part of your identity. Innumerable influences create a system optimized for product development or business success. Thankfully, unlike exercise, you are not alone in creating results.

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