Launching Red Blue Collective

Reading: Delivering Happiness by Tony Hsieh

So it begins. I am launching. I want to validate a business model around my experience and passion. In the spirit of authenticity and transparency, I am writing a build blog documenting the business launch. Here is the beginning.

Mission (What)

Red Blue Collective helps entrepreneurs develop great hardware products from concept to market.

I have provided design, manufacturing, and marketing to customers from startups to Fortune 100 companies. This has given me diverse experience and a few battle scars. When developing the Red Blue Collective mission, I wanted a focused customer profile to tailor our services. I was far more concerned with the who than the what.

I kept asking questions…

  • How can I classify past customers?
  • What problems or desires differentiate these classifications?
  • Given our skills, network, and experience who can we serve best?
  • What class is the most satisfied with our work?

Organizations in different lifecycles naturally have different structures and processes. A startup needs a prototype but approaches projects differently than the procurement department of an international business. Nothing is wrong with either organization. For us, providing an amazing service experience to all customer types is impossible. Entrepreneurs give us the opportunity to deliver much more value on a much more personal level. This hypothesis is the cornerstone of Red Blue Collective.

I intentionally left service offering (the how) vague in the mission. Red Blue Collective is launching as a “content first” startup. We are building an audience with content. Entrepreneurs need product development services. Before building a design firm, we need to listen. We are using our product validation techniques to build something new and innovative. The audience will share challenges with us. The second main hypothesis is we are missing a major opportunity to share value with entrepreneurs.

Purpose (Why)

Make the Future

Some time ago, I read a book about Jack Welch titled “Control Your Destiny or Someone Else Will.” The book contains a number of insightful lessons drawn from the Welch turnaround of GE. More than anything, the title stuck with me.

Without completely falling victim to truism, the future is change. Planning is bringing the future into the present so we can adapt. We can control our destiny. The idea is self-empowering on a personal and organizational level. Making the future means making ourselves. Make the future means being proud of the products we launch.


  • Drive Customer Success
  • Be Transparent
  • Follow Passion
  • Develop Partnership

I am convinced culture can provide an unbeatable competitive advantage. Red Blue Collective is just a seed of a startup. Right now is the ideal time to develop strong values.

Over this coming year, I will write separate posts expanding on each value. As we grow, our services will evolve. The core values will strengthen.

If you made it this far, thank you for reading the first post in the business build blog. I appreciate your time. Starting a project is difficult regardless of size or experience. I am reaching out to passionate designers, makers, engineers, artists, programmers, and manufacturers. I have a growing network of solutions but product development always presents new challenges. If you want to build great products, contact us.

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