Launch Plan: Version 01

Reading: Zero to One by Peter Thiel, Blake Masters

Red Blue Collective is launching as a content first startup. By creating content, we build audience and validate our hypothesis. We learn from the audience as (hopefully) hardware entrepreneurs learn from us.

Red Blue Collective will execute the launch plan with as much transparency as possible. This approach is lean. We can refine and pivot before spending months building solutions.

Build an Online Audience

  • Create social accounts
  • Create launch page
  • Start build blog articles
  • Start mailing list
  • Design website v1
  • Create topic articles
  • Publish broad articles to Medium
  • Publish specific articles to mailing list
  • Rollout website v2 (with article section)
  • Create tools for popular articles
  • Publish tools to general mailing list
  • Attach tools to articles requiring email (list building)

Build a Real World Network

  • Identify local groups
  • Attend events
    • Identify language
    • Gauge interest and alignment
  • Participate where information is valuable
  • Engage interesting people
  • Connect people
  • Schedule Speaking Engagements

Develop Social Proof

  • Make a list of high value customers
  • Make a list of high value vendors
  • Request testimonials
  • Ask to create case studies
  • Create portfolio of projects

Develop Information Product

  • Listen to social
  • Use analytics to understand conversions
  • Interview entrepreneurs
  • Interview startup network
  • Pitch ideas
  • Refactor/refine
  • Create preview content
  • Create email marketing sequence
  • Release preorder with exclusive content
  • Release product

Possible Next Steps

We are confident the information product and tools will be successful but a product is not a business. Growing and transitioning into a business will require evolution. Searching for a scalable, stable business model is a key characteristic of a startup. Many different possibilities exist as the community grows.

  • Coaching
  • Private Community (Slack, Facebook)
  • Project Management Services
  • Product Development Services

We are looking for a model delivering the most value to the most people.


We welcome any suggestions. If you have experience building an audience or releasing information products, we would love to hear your story. This is version 01. Help us write the next iteration. Connect with us on social media.

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