Having Vision

Reading – Zero to One by Peter Thiel

“You are not a Lottery Ticket”

In business, as with life, we can create directions (business and project plans). We can create milestones (X revenue, sold Y products). Nothing is guaranteed. Having a vision (or North Star as Gary Vee would say) provides something propelling us forward into our future. From the outside, the growth and subsequent extreme profitability of Facebook seems like chance. Aside from life being full of unknowns, Mark Zuckerberg had a plan and vision.

What is the Red Blue Collective vision?

We are working with the most effective hardware product incubator in the region. The incubator uses the Red Blue Collective development process to help entrepreneurs build great products with less risk in less time. Our network of resources allows startups to quickly prototype and scale through production.
The path to this vision is long and indirect. Right now, no hardware product focused incubator or accelerator exists in the area. I need to distill the vast majority of our knowledge and experience into content. I need to focus the content into an information product. We need to build an audience and gain a more credibility.

Why build an audience?

  1. Creates credibility
  2. Opens media opportunities (interviews, articles)
  3. Provides meaningful feedback on ideas, content
  4. Builds beta test group for process, tools, products

Why create an information product?

  1. Scalable income
  2. Test process and information in mass
  3. Creates proprietary asset

Why create a realization network?

  1. Increase probability of customer success
  2. Referral network through partners
  3. Possible income stream
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