First Presentation

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Today is the first Red Blue Collective presentation. This is the alpha. I can make this work. I will build an audience by delivering valuable information and advice.

I will not compete against anyone. No one is doing this. No one is offering free, comprehensive information on product development. The service is expensive and complex. Many entrepreneurs, especially on their first product, do not have the capital to work with product development firms. Hardware entrepreneurs could conduct much of the initial work including documentation and validation at low cost. They could avoid spending precious time and money with better knowledge.

In cities where hardware startups are more common, organizations bring in high-visibility speakers. The speeches from PCH, Bolt, Dragon Innovation, and other design-related firms are fantastic. The guest speakers from startups are very interesting but much less informative. These people are survivors of the process. Often, the speakers enjoy successful results despite the hardship. The guest presentations are less informative to other hardware entrepreneurs as they only reveal challenges. Providing solutions is difficult as the guests have one or two projects of experience. The experience is extremely valuable but not enough to create a stable process.

How can Red Blue Collective create content or service that streamlines product development for hardware entrepreneurs?

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