Finding our Avatar

Reading The 10X Rule

The existential component to business strategy might be my favorite part. Why and should a business exist are fantastic philosophical questions. A stable or even struggling small business can miss these questions. The everyday overwhelms us. We lose sight of the goal or purpose. I doubt that growth businesses suffer from this oversight as commonly.

Who are our customers?

What challenges do our customers have?

Is the challenge economically solvable?

I see businesses with products or services but not a specific customer. Markets tempt businesses with distracting opportunities. If you chase opportunities without focus, the business will appeal to no one. During down times, the pressure of these distractions is significant.

Red Blue Collective is focusing on hardware entrepreneurs. Even with this specific group, we need greater focus. We need an avatar. We need a specific ideal customer. We need to tailor message, information, and even language to the challenges of this specific customer.

Who is the Red Blue Collective avatar?

What is the avatar story?

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