Red Blue Collective is writing a library of content around product development. I am relying on engagement with entrepreneurs to help direct and focus content.

Content Topics

About Us

  • Background
  • What Red Blue Collective Means
  • Why Free Product Development Content

Business (General)

  • Hardware Business
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Content Strategies for Hardware Startups
  • Building an Audience with Transparency
  • Hardware Product Launches with Crowdfunding
  • Crowdfunding Mistakes
  • Getting Influencers with Prototype Releases
  • Prototyping Mistakes
  • Product Development Process Overview

Concept Phase

  • Concept Phase Overview
  • Idea Generation Techniques
  • Definition: Concept Sketching
  • Definition: Visual Communication
  • Definition: Product Requirements Document
  • Definition: Market Requirements Document
  • Validation: Pricing
  • Validation: Competitive Analysis
  • Validation: Customer Interviews
  • Validation: Skills Assessment and Team Building
  • Validation: Requirements Gap Analysis

Design Phase

  • Design Phase Overview
  • Industrial Design: Visual Design
  • Industrial Design: Teardowns
  • Design Engineering: 3D CAD
  • Design Engineering: Analysis
  • Design Engineering: Design for Manufacturing
  • Design Engineering: Manufacturing Documentation
  • Validation: Minimum Viable Product
  • Validation: 3D Printing
  • Validation: Prototyping
  • Validation: Testing and Certification
  • Validation: Costing

Realization Phase

  • Low Volume Product Manufacturing
  • Scaling to Mass Production


  • Does a particular topic interest you?
  • Do you have a particular challenge?
  • How can I provide content to help?