Concept Validation Thoughts

Reading – The Hardware Startup

I am building content for presentations. Validation is a particularly important topic to me. Hardware entrepreneurs want to rush into CAD and prototyping. Spending a time validating a concept saves valuable resources. I am interested to see how The Hardware Startup approaches validation. As entrepreneurs, new ideas fill us with energy. Validation is the dirt, the hard work, the tactical.

Quick Thoughts

  1. Build community with stories and content
  2. You cannot build a compelling product without a compelling story
  3. Engage existing communities to identify early adopters, champions, influencers, or mentors
  4. Formally define concept
  5. Define ideal user avatar
  6. Conduct market validation
    1. Total addressable market is a cruel joke
    2. Update the classic b-school technique for Lean Startup
    3. Who has the challenge product solves (done from idea generation)?
    4. Where is value higher than friction (friction = cost + implementation)?
    5. Will customers pay to create this solution?
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