Clutter of Content

Reading The 10X Rule

Competition is a form of imitation. Competition assumes gamesmanship and struggle.

I really do not feel like writing this morning. Sometimes the words have a resistance against clear mental formation. The thoughts remain unformed as a cloud. Today, a clear topic remains elusive. My mind clutters with possibilities. Work, relationships, health, personal development, marketing, and technology all flicker in my thoughts.

I need focus. The product development series has given me a partial framework and clock for content development. I need this level of planned focus for social media and general content. I enjoy the spontaneous format of the build journal. The effort hopefully provides some small insight to the launch progress of Red Blue Collective.

Should the journals have a more formulaic formatting?

How can I create a better social media schedule?

I am building a habit and sharpening my skills. My theory is this effort will transfer to presentation and formal content development.

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