Clarity from Communication

Reading The 10X Rule

I am getting ready for the first Product Development Series session at Nova Labs. The simple act of writing pushed me to clarify thoughts into (hopefully) coherent, linear communication. I built a Powerpoint presentation on Product Pricing. How to price a product has been the most common topic from potential hardware entrepreneurs. Approaching this specific topic first allowed me to get a larger, more engaged audience.

As with an initial product idea, the content is floating in my mind slightly fuzzy and unformed. Giving content away will force clarification as the audience asks questions and makes comments. I predict a slight audience disconnect. The makerspace is a wonderful mix of curious hobbyists and seasoned professionals with a joint desire to learn. I am making an unfound assumption the experienced will have familiar questions. I am nervous in a weird way. I do not want to disappoint the more casual audience members. If Red Blue Collective is truly trying to help hardware entrepreneurs, the content needs to have appeal and value for broad people of differing backgrounds.

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