Become the Future

Reading Awaken the Giant Within

“Who will you have become?

How will you live?

What will you contribute?

Now is the time to design the next ten years of your life.”

I have set my purpose statement “Make the Future”. The statement is a command. Every person is making the future at minimum through unconscious, passive action. The command embeds the requirement for active acknowledgement and engagement. We are always creating the future of our community and ourselves. We can learn, grow, and develop. We can have the future happen to us and become irrelevant.

Businesses with passion stand behind missions and purposes.

  • Local Sourcing (Farm to Table, Factory to Market)
  • Environmental Impact
  • Fair Business Practices
  • Empowerment of the Under-served

In an extended way, all of these missions seek to actively make the future. They consciously design and conduct business with an effort to make the world better.

How can Red Blue Collective make the future?

How can we have measurable, relevant impact?

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