The presentation went well. I knew some of the attendees. Having these people show to support and listen eased any nervousness in front of a new group. Although the money was donated to the makerspace, the event did have an attendance fee. These people could ask me questions anytime outside of the session so it was nice for them to attend. The group had great questions which verified some engagement and revealed potential areas for more content. Product development is a massive topic. Every situation is different. I like the idea of providing linear, tactical information stepping through the process. The pricing topic gave a different approach. We discussed the entire process from concept to production through the perspective of price. After the Q&A, I had the opportunity to discuss projects with several people.

I am exhausted from staying out late. The sleepiness is well-earned. I have nice feedback and strategic changes. I need to adapt the presentation into several content pieces. I need less information per slide. I realized I am better at Q&A than at strict presentation. Maybe future presentations will have miniature Q&A breaks during the presentations.

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