Add or Subtract Progress

Reading The 10X Rule

“Never reduce a target. Instead increase actions.” Grant Cardone

The week flew. With interviews, computer issues, and a mania of customer challenges, I feel like I did not move any closer to my major goals. Weighing actions on force multiplication and progress to ultimate goals has created a new lens to see effort. We stay busy. Does effort produce 1X, 10X, or 100X returns on that effort? If we complete a task or take a job, does the work scale? Is that the work we want to do? Better defined … we need to look at work bringing us, as individuals and an organization, closer or farther from our goals.

The idea of qualifying effort goes back to my argument against building a design firm. We need to help people at scale. Current effort should build the knowledge, process, and relationships bringing us closer to helping people in mass.

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