10X Results

What approach will give me 10X results?

I need a change in approach. An organization allows me to multiply my efforts by the efforts of a team. A network allows organizations to extend effort though cooperation. A community increases the reach and influence of the organization. I need to better reverse engineer successful outcomes.

What would near term success look like?

What would 1/3/5 year success look like?

I know I cannot simply create a product design firm. The business model does not scale. We cannot help enough people or generate enough residual income. Design firms are pejoratively known as “body shops”. More work or revenue inherently means more people. I am confident we could be profitable but we could not support the mission (helping entrepreneurs) or fulfill the purpose (Make the Future).

Creating an information product or an online course has appeal. An online course is a natural extension of what I am doing online and in the maker community. To push the mission, I want to offer as much information as possible for free. As we develop and test assumptions, we will be able to refine the business model.

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